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The following links relate to our 7th grade math curriculum and include tests as well as games and virtual activities. Some of the games may take a while to load, please be patient ...
Rules: You need your parents or guardians permission to visit these sites, and do NOT download anything without a parent or guardians permission.

Tips on what you might be interested in ...
Text Related

Self-Check Quizzes

Randomly generated self-grading quizzes with hints

  Movie clips and quizzes on topics
  Sampling of problems from each chapter
  Randomly selected 20 questions from Chapter 1, up to Chapter you indicate
Online Text Book

Text book online

User Name: IMPCS204

Password: sEWupRe9

Web based version of the text. It takes a while to load initially and opens as a pdf file which requires Adobe Reader.
Adobe Reader

For a free download, link here and select appropriate version

Virtual Manipulatives for 6th - 8th:
Various games and activities Return to top


Of particular interest may be: Factor tree, Function Machine, Algebra Scales ... all of it! :-)

Virtual Manipulatives

Geometry facts & games

Virtual Nets


Use geoboard to illustrate 3 dimension shapes, fractals, ...

Link to facts, then play games

Very cool visuals!

Number & Operations A wide assortment of interesting activities
Tools & Resources
Skills Development Choose from broad selection from addition, to custom flashcards
Paper Models of Polyhedra View, produce and print geometric
Basic Calculator Great when you can't find your calculator
Math Forum

Online forum for students with various extension activities: i.e., ask a question, weekly/monthly challenges, Math Hunt ...

Web Based Calculator Great to check, or reinforce, your process
General Interest Various resources, also see math practice area
Additional Links Variety of sites which include math related activities and information

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